Investigaciones y Recursos Solares Avanzados

Satisfaciendo a la Industria Solar
Satisfaciendo las necesidades de la industria solar. Conocer con fiabilidad el recurso solar disponible y las capacidades de producción de un determinado emplazamiento.

Bienvenido a IrSOLaV

IrSOLaV, S.L. es una empresa incubada (spin-off) de CIEMAT con la participación del Parque Científico de Madrid. Está formada por un equipo de investigadores con amplia experiencia y numerosas participaciones en proyectos de investigación nacionales e internacionales.

La actividad de IrSOLaV se desarrolla a través de la realización de trabajos de investigación, consultoría, promoción, asesoría y formación, relacionados con la estimación y el análisis del recurso solar en potenciales emplazamientos de aprovechamiento de la energía solar.



Welcome to IrSOLaV

Welcome to IrSOLaV


IrSOLaV, S.L. is a spin-off from CIEMAT with the participation of Parque Científico de Madrid. It is made by researchers with a broad experience and many participations in national and international research projects.

The activity of IrSOLaV is based on research, consulting, promoting, consultancy and teaching, related with the estimation, prediction and analysis of solar resource in potential locations to make use of solar energy.






Solar Radiation Estimation Derived from Satellite Images


t has been generally accepted by the international scientific community that solar radiation estimation (SRE) from geostationary satellite images is a suitable tool, taking into account temporal and spatial distribution, availability of representative time series, to estimate solar resource at locations where no previous ground historic radiometric records are available. The use of estimations from satellites is considered better than nearby ground measurements when they are separated by more than 3km from the location where the solar plant is planned.

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Prediction of Solar Radiation - Global and Direct Normal Solar Irradiance (GHI and DNI)


rSOLaV offers solar radiation maps prediction with different time steps: hourly, half daily and daily. The horizon of the predictions is up to 180 hours. CSP and PV plants need reliable predicitions of solar irradiance to make a correct management an operation. Besides, for the energy production planning, IrSOLaV offers prediction in format for daily and intra-daily electric energy market. Predictions can be accessed in different ways: database, email, ftp, through


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Solar Radiation Data & Maps


S is a web based system that offers fast access to solar geodatabases, interactive maps and simulation tools for planning and performance assessment of solar power generation systems. These include tools for intuitive exploration and site selection based on:

  • Global and Diffuse Horizontal Irradiation
  • Direct Normal Irradiation
  • Air temperature and other meteorological variables

Through higt resolutiion maps with instantaneous access to monthly and yearly long-term averages from IrSOLaV databases.

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