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S is a web based system that offers fast access to solar geodatabases, interactive maps and simulation tools for planning and performance assessment of solar power generation systems. These include tools for intuitive exploration and site selection based on:

  • Global and Diffuse Horizontal Irradiation
  • Direct Normal Irradiation
  • Air temperature and other meteorological variables
Through higt resolutiion maps with instantaneous access to monthly and yearly long-term averages from IrSOLaV databases.


Main Features

Data acquisition: database derived from Meteosat Second Generation (MSG), Meteosat First Generation (MFG), GOES, MODIS and MIRS satellites data.

Temporal resolution: 15-min (for MSG region), 30-min (for MFG region) time series or aggregated values (hourly, daily and monthly averages).

Regional coverage: most parts of Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.


Specifications of the data

Time series: 15-minute,30-minute (according satellite data source), hourly, daily, monthly and yearly values.

Typical Meteorological Year (TMY).

Historical data from 1994 (in PRIME region), from 1999 (in IODC region), from 2000 (in AMERICAN region) up to the present that is considered suitable for planning, design optimization and bankable financing.

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