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Data correction with Turbidity from measurements

To correct values of solar radiation estimated from satellite with ground measured radiometric data, the turbidity of the site can be characterized.

Linke Turbidity (TL) establishes a relationship between the real and theoretical optical depth of the atmosphere and represents the degree of transparency of the atmosphere. It is an adequate approximation when quantifying the effects of absorption and dispersion on solar radiation when trespassing the atmosphere. It can be obtained directly from measurements; however, due to the lack of them, it is generally obtained from empirical adjustments.

We can obtain the Linke Turbidity from measurements registered. In the next figures, we show some plots of hourly values of DNI for clear sky days selected manually for a location in Spain.

In the plots, measured clear sky DNI (blue), modeled clear sky DNI (green), DNI estimated from satellite MODIS TL and DirIndex model (pink) and DNI estimated from satellite MODIS TL and Louche model (red).

In the figure we show also the values of daily TL estimated from MODIS satellite and estimated from measurements for all hourly values and for two hours during the day at noon hours (11:00 and 12:00 UTC). The values of TL are calculated from measurement at noon hours because there are some days which have clear sky conditions in most of the hours of the day but not in all.


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