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PhD in Physics by the University of Complutense of Madrid (Spain) and Engineer in Computer Sciences by the University of Almeria, Spain in 2004. More than 12 years of professional experience, 9 of which dedicated to Solar Energy. In 2004 he begins his professional career working at the Plataforma Solar de Almeria (PSA) developing the data adquisition system and all the software for the BSRN station of the PSA. From 2005 until February, 2009 he was doing his Phd studies at CIEMAT, Spain’s National Laboratory for Energy Research ( At the present time he is the CEO of IrSOLaV ( He personally is responsible for the solar radiation forecasting department at IrSOLaV. Luis Martín is co-author of several works presented to national and international congresses and scientific journals in the field of the solar energy.



PhD in Physics by the University of Granada (Spain). He has got his experience in basic research on atmospheric physics, by analyzing infrared emissions from Earth upper atmosphere measured by MIPAS/ENVISAT (ESA), and deriving geophysical parameters like abundances and temperature. As a member of the IrSOLaV team, he has gained experience in solar resource based on estimations of solar radiation from satellite images, as well as in short and very short-term forecasting methodologies. He is an active member of Aenor, and he has performed works for international clients, such as World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Masdar, Meteocontrol or ACWA.



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