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Solar radiation maps for Google Earth

IrSOLaV provides solar radiation data in KMZ/KML format files which can be used with Google Earth. The next figure shows an example of yearly global horizontal irradiance with a resolution of 5x5km. The solar radiation map has been elaborated with images from GOES satellite for the period from 2000 to 2010. Daily AOD and Water vapor information from polar satellites has been incorporated in this map:


Maps of yearly Global Horizontal Irradiance in Arica (Chile) 5x5km2. Data processed from satellite images of GOES satellite. GIS maps


All monthly and yearly solar radaition maps and additional layers will be supplied as GIS maps with lossless compression. The solar radiation data is provided in ArcReader/ArcExplorer and GEO-PDF GIS format.

You can download a KML example file by clicking here.







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