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rSOLaV is a technology based company promoted by CIEMAT specialized in providing consulting and technical services in the field of solar resource assessment and characterization. IrSOLaV’s joint venture partner CIEMAT has been involved in the assessment and characterization of solar resource over 25 years. IrSOLaV is located at PCM Madrid’s foremost scientific park with PCM as one of its shareholders. IrSOLaV offers an impressive range of products and services required during the development of solar thermal plants and photovoltaic projects. These products and services have been developed to provide support to solar project developers in the realization of their projects in the most efficient manner.

IrSOLaV activity is based on research, consultancy and education related to the satellite estimation, prediction of solar radiation and the analysis of solar energy in potential locations around the world.

IrSOLaV has a world class experienced team in the solar energy sector. Its members are researchers with broad experience and have participated in numerous national and international projects. They come from top companies and institutions in the solar energy sector as CIEMAT, Plataforma Solar de Almeria (PSA) and University Complutense of Madrid and have participated in numerous research projects nationally and internationally.


Be among the first choice companies providing technical services and consulting in the area of solar energy.



Provide non-redundant and quality technical services to all companies and industrial sectors in the area of solar energy worldwide through the use of the most advanced technologies, staff qualified in each of the branches and the products offered.


  • Complete satisfaction of our customers is our priority.
  • To seek and deliver solutions for our customers.
  • Invest in alliances with our representatives and partners.
  • Invest in the training and certification of all the members of the company.
  • Excellence through service.
  • Specialization in different areas of technologies offered.
  • Technological vanguard ensuring security and trust of our clients.






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